Art Rantings and Musings Tuesday At Work

So I am slow at work and I have been thinking about what personal art projects to work on when I have some time off. Since I am going to focus a lot of my time to learning modo I should pick a project that will utilize modo the most. The many moons project seems like a good place to start.. Also I stop the world and melt with you is a good ZBrush Project.


Many Moons

I need to get some Moon Textures and download some of those Nasa Models.

Melt With You

This is a zbrush project that I would like to use those interesting spheres modeling technique.

Ring of Fire

This project is redoing one of my first paintings and one of my most memorable Acid Trips. I can see this project as being a VR experience one day. For now it will be great to just start it as a Modo, ZBrush, Houdini, RenderMan project


Calder’s Hulla Girl

I have always been obsessed with Hula Girls and Calder’s Circus. I have had a vision of a Hula Girl ala Calders Circus style scene. I am not exactly sure how I will do this.. But I think that trying to use.. some of the Groboto mesh bots items might be very cool.

Heavy Soul Train ( MashUp Pieter Bruegel the Elder and  Chris Burden  )

I have a sketch of this somewhere. The main structure is a lot like the Tower of Babylon. Trains and train like structures wind all around and into it. Again this could be a vr thing at some point.. For now.. its just a 3d project.


Very interestingly I learned about a Chris Burden peice that I did not know about. Dropping I Beams into Concrete.. Actually Very Interesting..









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