Rantings and Musing

Its nice that I have a place to Rant and Muse.

I have meant to add a blog to my site for a while. I have been wrestling with inspiration and motivation lately. Working and commuting over 10 hours a day does not leave a lot of personal time for Art or Art Development. I do use public transportation and have some time on the train for sketching, reading, meditating and thinking. Still I am not putting enough time to my trade. I want to become a Fine Digital Artist. Currently I am a production Fx artist working mainly in houdini and doing Fx. I specialize in things not done by hand. I have become very inspired by a few artist recently. Disney, Dali, James Jean, and Andriod Jones.

Dali was always a top favorite of mine. Always amazed at his creativity and brush work. I recently saw an exhibit that put Dali and Disney together and my appreciation of Disney increased a ton. His worlds border on the sureal but as children we just get cuaght up in the entire production. Still the classic disney films like Bambi, Dumbo, Snow White are just classically beuatiful and artfully done.


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