Themes Research

So I have decided to do a little research on Themes in Art.

I found an interesting PDF DavisThemesInArt.

This PDF describes a number of interesting ideas. First there are Human Commonalities.

We All:

  • Experience the Life Cycles ( Birth, Growth, Death )
  • Work ( Work is universal. Everyone produces and consumes )
  • Use Symbols ( All people use symbols to express feelings and ideas )
  • Know Time and Space ( All people have the miraculous capacity to recall the past and anticipate the futre )
  • Search for a Larger Purpose ( All people try to give spiritual meaning and connection to our lives )
  • Have an Aesthetic Response ( All people respond to the aesthetic )
  • Seek Social Bonding ( All people are members of groups or institutions that consequently shape their lives )
  • Have a Connection to Nature ( All people are connected to the ecology of nature )


The Davis PDF goes on to suggest exploring the following:

Enduring Ideas

  • Identity
  • Survival
  • Conflict
  • Spirituality
  • Fantasy
  • Power
  • Rites of Passage
  • Change
  • Ritual
  • Celebration
  • Heroes
  • Ancestry


Another Site  offers an Exhaustive List of Ideas for Themes.


What I really want to do is focus down to a really good list of 4 strong ideas.




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