Rants and Musings On a Saturday At Work

I have not had a lot of time to myself. I spend a lot of hours at work and I am lucky that I do enjoy my work. I am trying to learn Modo at Home and do some more sketching.

I am having a hard time trying to learn or be personally productive during downtime at work. I am not using the downtime that well. Honestly I need to let my mind chill while I have downtime.

I can’t slam another side project into work. But I do know that I could do a few things.


I need to organize my photos. I need to get a scanner for my sketches.
I am at least starting to use this blog and my other wikis.


I Should start trying to work on some Themes


What 4 themes are the most important to me.  How do I want to be inspired and inspire people is the big question. Big questions? Do I really think I have answers. I am mostly tired.


Ok lets do some research on themes in art and sees what hits us..

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